What’s love got to do with it?

By Olivia Ralph

Love. A basic fact of the human condition. Like sleep, or Sex and the City reruns. Valentine’s Day is the day we set aside to celebrate that strange cocktail of chemicals responsible for some of the best (and worst) feelings we’ve ever had. But how should it be celebrated?

In Finland, Valentine’s Day is less about romance and more about remembering friends. In South Korea, there are ‘Twelve Days of Love’ celebrated throughout the year on the 14th of every month. On 14th February South Korean women bestow gifts upon men and a month later they return the favour. If a gift isn’t reciprocated, they eat a dish of white noodles and black bean sauce. In Japan, it is all about the guys as ladies offer chocolate gifts and hope for romance to be returned. At Riley St Garage, it means Oysters, Champagne and Sweets.


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